Week in Review

We had a lovely week off camping in spite of the chilly weather and occasional rain thunderstorms.  There were some adventures, a few memorable moments, and great family and friends.

My wonderful in-laws were so kind to let us borrow their camper trailer for the week and we went to Harbor Beach, Michigan.  It was so beautiful out by Lake Huron, even on the not so nice days the lake view was amazing.  We had my in-laws visit with us often and during the bad weather we hightailed it to their house to get out of the nasty weather.  Also, my parents came to stay for two days as well.  It was so great having family around to visit with, and it made it more relaxing for me because there were a lot of extra eyes for watch Ian and sometimes the dogs too!

Also, this trip helped to check something off my life list.  It was Ian’s first camping experience and he did great! Even when the chill or the rain kept us inside the small trailer he was content to play or watch a video.  Ian loved to go play at the swing set on the beach, and go for walks in the woods (where he liked to peep into the empty rustic cabins.)  My favorite part of this trip was watching Ian enjoy all these new things like seeing a lake and sandy beach, walking the pier, and flying a kite.

So here are some of the pictures from our adventures, but you can find more pictures on Flickr, should you choose to snoop further. 😉




062611 118

062611 107

062611 095

062611 077

062611 066



062611 125

Rained out on our last evening on the site.  We packed up and spent the last night of our vacation at Chris’ parents.  Everyone had freezing feet after walking through the ankle deep water to pack up the car with our things from the camper.  Even though the weather was awful it was actually a little fun to pack up and be creative with getting everything and everyone to the car.  I learned that I can carry two dogs at the same time when I have to, and that even when things don’t go the way you want them to it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun time.


062611 051