I Now Use These 3 Tips To Help Stay Mentally Healthy

I have always been the type of person to stay as healthy as I possibly could. Physically, I have been great over the years, but lately I have been feeling a little run down. Whether that is due to a few problems in my life, or at the age of forty-one, time is catching up with me, I do not know. I mentioned this to a good friend of mine, and he gave me 3 tips to stay mentally healthy (and avoid impotence, also found good impotence definition online).

The first one is to ensure that I am taking the correct amount of the vitamins and minerals that my body needs. As this is impossible to work out, the only solution is to take some supplements on a daily basis. Another tip is to change my exercise regime to one that includes more walking, especially if I can do some hiking. The third tip seemed a little strange, but research does show it to work. That is playing more games on the computer that use the brain. These can include brain games, and third person shooters. The former gets the brain thinking, while the latter helps to improve reaction times.