Epic “You” Battle

Some time ago Chris and Ian started having these “you” battles as we like to call them.  This is where one person points at the other and exclaims “you” as dramatically as possible.  The pointing and the “yous” get louder and goofier as the little battle goes on.  It goes back and forth for a while until we all get tired of it and we end giggling up a storm.

This morning was an rather epic “you” battle instigated by Ian.  He was in top form with many forceful and dramatic “yous” towards Chris and myself and even a few two-handed “yous” at the end.  There was much giggling and any one who heard us all yelling “you” and giggling would have thought the whole lot of us were nuts, but we had a lot of fun!

I like starting my day with something nice instead of the usual rushing around and whining.