1. I am going to see my first Harry Potter midnight release this week and I’m a little more excited than a 30-something woman should be for such a thing.  There just might be some Harry Potter shirt wearing, but no wands.  I’m hoping the wonderful ladies I am going with won’t mind me live tweeting our time waiting before the movie starts because I am so going to want to share the people watching gems with you all.

2.  Some friends of ours closed on a house down the street from us yesterday.  They have a little girl that is friends with Ian and I think he pretty much adores her.  I can see the future!  There will be a great deal of, “I want to go to Isabelle’s!”  Maybe a few, “Can Isabelle come over to play?”  Also, “why can’t I run down the street by my very own 3 year old self to see Isabelle?”

3.  Now that we are going to have our friends down the street Chris wants to get a pants/no pants sign.  You know like the vacancy/no vacancy signs, except to warn our friends whether or not he is decent.  Not that he tends to run around without his pants, but at least 3 times a week you will find him in his recliner with his pants around his ankles while he puts in a fresh infusion set for his insulin pump.  There was one time someone came to the door and surprised him.  During his mad dash to get covered, he ended up ripping out the infusion set.  I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want that to happen again, thus his desire for a pants/no pants sign.

4.  I’m currently reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and I love it!  I don’t want to spoil much about it since I know a few people who read my blog that want to read this one.  All I have to say to you is I am six chapters in and I can already tell you that I would solidly recommend this read.  I feel a little dorky for preferring some young adult fiction, but I have to admit that I enjoy not having to read through gratuitous sex scenes and gruesome violence to get back to the real plot.  So yeah, I’m in

5.  I bailed on hosting the yard sale like I planned this past weekend.  At the time I just couldn’t make myself feel like putting the last of it together.  This week I’m regretting this choice and trying to find another time to have the sale instead.  I can use the money more than I can use all the stuff.  So now I just have to tend to all those bloody details.  Ugh.