1. I am going to see my first Harry Potter midnight release this week and I’m a little more excited than a 30-something woman should be for such a thing.  There just might be some Harry Potter shirt wearing, but no wands.  I’m hoping the…


Six Word Saturday

Today’s Six Word Saturday is a quote from Ian in response to being called a “monkey.”  (Imagine him saying this and pointing to himself.) “I not a monkey. I Ian!”


Epic “You” Battle

Some time ago Chris and Ian started having these “you” battles as we like to call them.  This is where one person points at the other and exclaims “you” as dramatically as possible.  The pointing and the “yous” get louder and goofier as the little…


Week in Review

We had a lovely week off camping in spite of the chilly weather and occasional rain thunderstorms.  There were some adventures, a few memorable moments, and great family and friends. My wonderful in-laws were so kind to let us borrow their camper trailer for the…